2019 Chengdu Xiling Power Technology Co., Ltd. Soil Monitoring Report

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Many car owners have a good opinion of auto parts from foreign brands and believe that the quality of imported products is better. Recently, the staff of the industry and commerce department found that many auto repair factories and 4S shops seized the consumer's mentality when they enforced the law, and sold domestic auto parts dressed in “dresses” to make huge profits.

Recently, law enforcement officers of Xiangshi Industrial and Commercial Institute of Shishi City found that during the special inspection of the automobile industry, the "Avanzado" brand brake pads used in many auto repair plants indicate in English that the brand's brake pads are from Spain, and that they are affixed in Chinese The label identifies the brand's Chinese distributor and its address. Law enforcement officials suspected that these brake pads might be domestic accessories in "dresses" and were immediately seized. After verification by the industry and commerce department, the brand trademark and the manufacturer were both domestic companies.

During the survey, the staff of the auto repair factory admitted that in the market, hanging foreign brands are better than domestic brands, because the packaging of such accessories makes people feel more upscale, and many customers pick up the auto parts printed with foreign words. Ask for price. During the inspection, law enforcement officers found that the quality of many auto parts products was not consistent with their publicity. Counterfeit imported parts accounted for a large proportion. Fraudulent behaviors were widespread and the authenticity was difficult to distinguish.

It is reported that during this special inspection, law enforcement officials filed and investigated two auto repair factories suspected of selling false propaganda parts, and seized more than 40 boxes of brake pads and 3 boxes of clutches. The case is still under trial.

The industry and commerce department reminds that when purchasing auto parts products, you can check whether the dealer has an authorization certificate for the product, and the product description, production license number, and the "3C" certification mark of the quality supervision department on the package of regular domestic products. There should be customs-related import procedures, and there should also be a Chinese logo.
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