Spinal Cord Injuries

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The Different Levels of Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries can be sustained in a lot of ways, may it be in traumatic accidents like car crashes, slip and fall accidents, or wear and tear like overexertion and weightlifting. Whatever the cause it, spinal cord injuries are devastating, as they may affect the control of our limbs and torso. In fact, these injuries are taken so seriously that even law firms specialize in them, like the Massachusetts personal injury lawyers of Crowe & Mulvey, LLP.

It is important to note that the injury is more severe the higher the part of the spinal cord that has been affected, meaning that the greatest injuries affect the top part of the spinal cord. The reason for this is that spinal cord injuries affect the body parts below the injury point, so if your upper spinal cord has sustained an injury, a big portion of your body will suffer some form of consequence.

Spinal cord injuries can be divided into levels, depending on the location of the injury point.

Cervical (C1-C8)

Cervical injuries are the most devastating spinal cord injuries because they affect the upper portion of the spinal cord, known as the C1 to C8 section. Injuries in the C1 to C4 section can cause quadriplegia, which is the partial or total loss of sensation and movement in all limbs. The victim may also suffer from problems in the torso, including breathing problems and bowel movement problems. Those who suffer this kind of injury often need assistance in day to day activities such as eating and taking a bath.

For C5 to C8 injuries, consequences are almost the same, but on a lighter level. They may be preserved sensation and movement in the hands, which may help patients in controlling wheelchairs so they are not overly dependent. Those who suffer from this kind of injury also need assistance in day to day activities, but they can manage with proper equipment.

Thoracic (T1-T12)

Thoracic injuries involve the middle section of the spinal cord. They may not be as devastating as cervical injuries, but they are in no way convenient. Injuries in the T1 to T5 level may result into paraplegia or the impairment of lower extremities. Arms and hands are usually unaffected.

Those who suffer from T6 to T12 injuries may experience normal upper body movement, but the lower part of the body may require assistance to perform its functions, like having braces to support walking.

Lumbar (L1-L5) and Sacral (S1-S5)

Injuries in the lumbar and sacral portions of the spinal cord may result in hips and legs issues, but it is fairly common for patients to be able to walk freely or with the support of braces. Bowel and bladder issues may also be experienced, but they can easily be countered by special equipment.

To be safe from spinal cord injuries, we should always be cautious of possible scenarios that may present incredible force, like traffic accidents. Getting injured by a careless and negligent party may warrant the help of legal professionals, like the Toronto spinal cord injury lawyers.

At the end of the day, prevention is always better than cure, so being extra careful in everything we do is still the way to go.

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Water Accidents

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Water Accidents

When it comes to traveling and relaxing, water is a common factor. We have cruise ships, personal watercraft, and beach resorts, all there to accommodate those who want new experiences and those who just want to relax. But sometimes, the time for new experiences and relaxation can also be the time for injuries and disasters.

Cruise Ship Excursion Accidents

Cruise ships have the responsibility to make sure that their properties are safe. If their customers sustain injuries because they fail to take on this responsibility, they may be held liable for a premises liability lawsuit.

Customers are vulnerable to different kinds of injuries in cruise ships. According to a cruise ship injury article on the website of The Vucci Law Group, P.A., the most common types of injuries involve dock accidents, tender accidents, motor vehicle accidents, defective or malfunctioning equipment, and inadequate security.

Dock accidents may occur because of unsafe docking procedures, resulting in head injuries, fractures, and drowning. Tender accidents happen primarily because of overloading and improper operation. Motor vehicle accidents, or accidents that involve land transportation during an excursion, are usually triggered by reckless and negligent behaviors of drivers.

Defective and malfunctioning equipment often occur because of poor maintenance of the cruise ship, failure to look for possible damages, and failure to repair damages, resulting in injury and even death. Security is also an important factor in traveling. Though passenger common sense is a good way to prevent accidents, passengers should still need necessary protections against theft, assault, and other dangers.

Personal Watercraft Accidents

PWC, also known as personal watercraft, are becoming more and more commonly used for recreation, particularly in beach areas such as Florida. Because it becomes more and more accessible, an increasing number of people is at risk of accidents. The issue is serious enough to warrant legal professionals who specialize in boat accidents, such as the Fort Walton Beach injury lawyers of the Bruner Law Firm.

The most common personal watercraft accidents involve jet skis and small boats. In the case of jet-skis, accidents often occur because of driver error and inexperience, dangerous maneuvers, speeding and other reckless driving behaviors, and not taking other personal watercraft operators into consideration.

Small boat accidents happen because of operators who do not follow safety procedures, boats that linger near the wakes of other personal watercraft, waves that disrupt the balance of the boat, dangerous weather conditions, and dangerous foreign objects such as rock and corals.

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There is No “Aura of Immunity” Protecting Cruise Ships from Lawsuits

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In 2011, a South African man on board the MSC Sinfonia suffered a heart attack. According to the passenger patient, the cruise ship’s medical crew gave him an injection that caused him to go into coma for six weeks. He was then placed on a stretcher and left at a port in Durban. A note attached to the stretcher said that he was diagnosed with severe chest pain and myocardial infarct. This medical crew negligence was followed by a lawsuit (against the cruise ship) filed by the South African man himself.

Legal actions naming cruise ships as defendants were usually dismissed even before trial prior to 2014. Courts, then, told patients not to demand the same level of medical care from cruise ships’ doctors and nurses as they would from medical staff on land; besides, ship doctors and nurses are beyond the direct control of cruise lines since they are private contractors and not direct employees of cruise ships.

Decades of court decisions that consistently cleared cruise liners from medical negligence/liability was what created this aura of immunity. The 1988 Barbetta v. S.S. Bermuda Star lawsuit, however, changed how courts viewed and decided cases involving medical malpractice on cruise ships. Factors that courts now consider, which also takes away cruise immunity from medical malpractice lawsuit include:

  • A cruise ship’s duty to make sure that it employs a competent and duly qualified doctor;
  • Doctors and nurses are presented as ship personnel or employees and that their wearing of the cruise ship uniform is direct proof of this;
  • Today’s cruise ships have advanced laboratories, intensive care units and technologies which will easily enable their medical personnel to link with medical experts on shore through live video conferencing; and,
  • Cruise ships take pride in their onboard medical center, making sure that this is included in their promotional materials.

In its website, the Vucci Law Group, P.A. points out the unnecessary risk of injury suffered by many cruise passengers at the hands of a ship’s medical staff. Many cruise ship medical personnel either lack training, especially for emergency situations, or are not capable of providing the standard of care that passengers are entitled to receive. Whatever the reason for the negligence committed, nothing will stop harmed passengers from filing a lawsuit and nothing will keep a cruise ship from liability.

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Bicycle Accidents

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Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents

Bicyclists are one of the most vulnerable people on the road, mainly because they do not have the same protections of car and truck drivers who are inside vehicles that can absorb the impact of collisions. For this reason, bicycle accidents can cause serious injuries. According to a bicycle accident article on the website of Tucson personal injury lawyers, these injuries may include broken bones, head and neck injuries, heavy bruising, skin infections, spinal injuries, and even death.

That’s why it is important to know the common causes of bicycle accidents, to help prevent injuries, lives, money, and time.

Being inattentive

Sometimes bicyclists tend to be complacent because they believe that they are safe in their lanes and that potential accidents won’t be devastating due to their relatively slow pace of travel. Because of this, they don’t take riding seriously and distract themselves with smartphones and daydreaming.

Not focusing on the road can lead to slow reaction times to unexpected circumstances. It can also lead bicyclists to veer off their lanes, strike obstructions, or collide with pedestrians and other bicyclists.

Riding too fast

Bicyclists also ride too fast, and this could be because of many reasons. They may think that bicycles are easier to maneuver. They may feel that the wind in their faces and bodies are giving them adrenaline rush. They may be reckless because they don’t believe that anything bad can happen.
When bicyclists are traveling at an unsafe speed or too fast in relation to the road and weather condition, they are more vulnerable to accidents. Speed reduces reaction time windows and increases the possibility of losing control of bicycles. Speed can also greatly increase the force of the collision.

Not following traffic rules

Traffic rules are not there to restrict and suppress us. They are there to make sure that the road remains safe for everybody. Bicyclists who do not follow traffic rules are at risk of being in an accident, like those who do not yield in stop signs and lights, those who recklessly weave and cut on traffic, and those who do not use proper signals when turning.

To make sure that you are safe in bicycle travel, always wear protective gear, be mindful of your surroundings, and avoid reckless behaviors like tailgating and being too near car lanes. But if you have been injured because of the carelessness and negligence of another party, you may want to get legal help, such as LaMarca Law Group, P.C., who includes bicycle accidents in its practice areas.

But at the end of the day, you do not want injuries, lawsuits, and compensations. All you want is traveling safely with your bicycle. Avoid these common causes of bicycle accidents and you are halfway towards a bicycle accident free road.

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Securities Fraud

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Common Kinds of Securities Fraud

Securities fraud refers to the deceptive practice in the stock market or other investment sectors wherein an investor is deceived to make decisions using false information, usually resulting into massive losses. Such an issue is considered a white collar crime, and you may need the help of legal professionals who specialize in this legal aspect, such as the Nashville criminal defense attorney at Horst Law.

Insider trading

One of the most common forms of securities fraud is called insider trading. This occurs when someone possessing confidential information about a company’s financial state utilizes that information in his buying and selling tactics and takes advantage of the fact that the information has not been disclosed to the public yet. According to the website of Toronto personal injury lawyers, those who may be accused of insider trading may include the friends and associates of the insider, the legal, brokerage, or banking employees who serve the company, and the government employees that have access to nonpublic information.

Internet fraud

Internet fraud happens when a stock has a dramatic price increase after the criminal has created buzz towards the stock over the internet, particularly in forums, emails, and social media websites. These criminals often hold a big portion of the stock, and once the stock price reaches its peak, they pullout their stocks and gain significant profit.

Dummy corporations

Fraudsters create fake companies to mimic more established companies and trick potential investors into buying fake stocks, marketing these stocks as legitimate and from established companies.

Ponzi schemes

Ponzi schemes are investment funds that promise high returns. In truth, the returns are only funded by new money from new investors, so it is necessary to get a stable flow of new investors to cover the returns of the old ones. Usually, ponzi schemes end with the fraudster suddenly disappearing with all the money.

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Hair Studio

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A Salon should be able to Enhance Your Features and Suit Your Personal Style

With the professional beauty industry still being projected to grow, salon operators continue to work hard to expand and improve their services to meet the changing and growing demands of clients. Thus, aside from the typical services, which include haircutting, hair length reduction and trims, many salons now also offer services that will suit clients’ personal style, such as:

• precision cuts and colors, with styling, blow-drying and shampooing;
• elegant updos;
• hair and scalp treatment;
• smoothing;
• keratin treatment;
• hair extensions and special event updos;
• conditioning treatment w/ heat;
• overlays and add on color;
• deluxe nail care service;
• lash tint, brow tint, and other facial services;
• flawless makeup for any event;
• bridal haircut/style, color and makeup; and,
• specialty services, such as Brazilian blowout, bridal hair and makeup, hair extensions, and Ombre & Balayage

Choosing a salon to go to, however, should be made carefully for, surely, no one would ever want to visit a second one just to have a mistake made in the first salon corrected; this, is a common experience for many, though. Likewise, no client would want his/her hair color already fading only after a few washes when it is supposed to last longer.

Besides the services offered, two other things matter most to clients: a relaxing and an enjoyable salon experience and environment, and feeling good about themselves, knowing that they chose the right salon service and the right salon, of course. Along with this same thought, Therapy Hair Studio in Houston says, “Getting professional hair care from one of the top salons in Houston shouldn’t be a burden; it should be an experience and a relaxing, enjoyable one at that.”

A salon is supposed to treat clients to a look that enhances their features and suits their personal style. Salons that accomplish this feat are assured of client loyalty for a long, long time.

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The Most Tragic Accidents of the Road

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In April of 2015, five nursing students headed to St. Joseph’s Hospital in Savannah for their final clinical rotation of the school year all died after a tractor-trailer failed to slow down and crashed their car; two other students (in another vehicle) were also injured in the fatal accident that involved seven vehicles. The cause of the fatal crash was never known as the driver of the tractor-trailer fled after the accident; weather, according to police authorities, was definitely not a factor though.

Another accident, which happened in May of 2016, but which also involved a 18-wheeler, killed a 52-year old man while he was in his hotel room (at the first floor of the Studio 6 Hotel in El Paso, Texas). The 18-wheeler, which was hauling steel railroad tracks, drove through several parking lots before crashing into the hotel.

Thousands of other fatal truck accidents have been told in the news and posted in the Internet; some are just too scary and emotional to recount, especially for the families the victims left behind. If trucks are so dangerous, then why are these allowed to remain on the road and continue to be threats to other vehicles, especially smaller ones.

In 2013 alone, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) said that fatal accidents involving trucks numbered to 3,964, while those that caused injuries were 95,000. These accidents and injuries were caused by 73,000 of the 2 million semi-trucks that operated on US roads and highways.

Trucks transport close to 70% of all goods in the U.S., from manufacturing plants to distribution centers; these goods, which include finished products and raw materials, are part of what keeps the U.S. economy alive and growing. This is the main reason why trucks, despite the threat these pose on the road, will never be denied their operation.

Truck accidents, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) are mostly due to truck driver errors, errors, some of which include: driver fatigue; driving too fast for road conditions; impairment due to prescription or over-the-counter-drugs; unfamiliarity with the road; inattention; driving distractions; improper way of attaching the trailer; failure of the driver to double-check blind spots; and, failure to ensure that the brakes are in good working condition before hitting the road.

The size of trucks alone, according to the Chris Mayo Law Firm, strictly require truck drivers and trucking companies to exercise the strictest caution and control in the operation of these vehicles. Unfortunately, not all take these responsibilities seriously.

As explained by the Houston injury lawyers with Williams Kherkher, while all motorists have the duty to safely and properly operate their vehicles in a manner that will not cause harm to others on the road, truck drivers have an even greater responsibility due to the devastating amount of damage their vehicle can cause in accidents. Not all truck drivers, however, fulfill this important duty, sometimes making reckless decisions that endanger the lives and well-being of innocent drivers on the road.

A Rhinelander injury attorney explains how getting injured in a truck accident can create immense financial stress. Besides the physical and emotional trauma cause by the injuries, there will be the problem of paying for medical bills and the issue of lost wages.

For all the damages and losses a victim may suffer due to the injuries sustained in a truck accident, any law firm or personal injury lawyer will never think twice advising a victim to immediately seek the services of a seasoned personal injury lawyer or truck accident lawyer who can help determine if the (victim’s) case is worth pursuing legally.

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